Trump and Gold Prices

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We’ve said it over… and over… and over….

Good news is BAD for gold prices.  Bad news is GOOD for gold prices. Fear… GOOD, peace and calm, BAD.  The same applies to policy and how investors see the new administration’s success and failures.  Watch the market today. More than likely you’ll see the DOW fall and gold prices rise based on the Health Care Bill failing to pass.

From market watch…

The stock market will face its moment of truth next week as euphoria over President Donald Trump’s lofty agenda to “make America great again” collides with the realities of U.S. politics.

Trump suffered a major blow on Friday when House Republicans withdrew the American Health Care Act after they failed to secure enough votes to pass the bill.

The withdrawal is a setback to the president who had promised to repeal and the replace the existing Affordable Care Act with a superior plan and casts doubt on how quickly his administration will be able to deliver on other key pledges such as tax reforms.

We’ll be interested to watch GOLD today and all week long. If the news improves, gold should drop or stay flat. Bad news… watch for a decent gain.

What Does the Future Hold?

At SOME point over the next 2 years we expect ANOTHER gold spike like we saw in 2012. But it will take another “crisis” of some sort to fuel that jump.  Last time we saw the spike there was a lot of “paper trading” and speculation that drove the price up sharply and then down again.  However, we believe the next “spike”, will come more gradually and last much longer.

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5 Year Gold Price Chart

5 year gold chart




  1. Simple Honesty in the Markets would more than double the Price of Gold. People are paying nearly double of spot price for Physical Tonnage, if and when they’re lucky enough to find it. What we “little people” play in is a manipulated market. This manipulation promotes faith in a declining fake dollar and paper markets. It is done by dumping massive amounts of upcoming Gold Production on the market all at once, triggering sell offs. This scheme however is noticeably having less of an effect as it relates to price. Three years of Upcoming Global Gold Production (futures) were dumped all at once earlier this year. All bought up by fake paper once the Stop Losses were triggered. This nets a nice profit for those in on it.

    100 years ago an ounce of gold would buy you a nice suit, quality shoes, haircut/shave and a very fine meal with change left over. That still holds true today. The same cannot be said for our dwindling dollar.

    Learning to find your own gold using proper tools, is one of the smartest things you could do.

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