This is some of our gem finds from north Ga at the Gold N Gems Grubbn

This is our I think our 5th time up to Gold N gems and the last time being our best . We use A Gold Hog Raptor and it does a number on the piles


  1. I am in the process of reopening a Historic Mine Site in Central Virginia. The dominant minerals are hard rock gold and silver but the Mine also has a history of gem stones and even diamonds. What type of set up would be required to catch all. The only way I know is to run a closed circuit collecting the tailings and then reprocess for each identified product. . All comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated

  2. We have been there twice. My problem is they won’t dump the piles down on the beach but up on a high bank. They do not allow classifying next to piles so you have to fill 5 gallon buckets and then hike down steep and slippery banks – very dangerous! When they decide to dump piles on the beach like they do at Thermal City then I will go back, but not until.

  3. Nice collection of gems. My daughter and I have been several times and we usually just purchase gem buckets. Are your finds from the creek also?

  4. All of these were from the creek. We enjoy running the Gold Hog Raptor and finding the gems 🙂

  5. So tell me about the gold you are finding. You must be running a ton of material so any gold?

  6. Have you tried Chimney Rock , North Carolina ? I got some magnificent specimens from there !! Worth a look .

  7. Very Nice David & Meda, Jesse and I were just down the road from there at the Loud Mine and did not even stop by. Next time…

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