The Beginning

On February 11th 2017 my wife and I started our first prospecting field trip with an outing at Gold N Gem Grubbin. We had purchased a Gold Hog Piglet but the pump wemordered hadn’t arrived so we used 2 buckets and classifyers , and shovel. We were surprised , and now hooked lined and sinkered. I thought the amount of gold and gems we weeded out of the pile was surprising. After packing up I walked down to where another prospector was running a Raptor, David gave me some good info and he also had a good day. We returned early in March with our Piglet , it was snowing a bit when we pulled into Cleveland , I must say it was darn cold. We wound up at Gold N Gems for a half day , so we used just bucket and classifyers again. I hope this doesn’t classify us as fair weather prospectors . We will be returning in April . In either case my wife and I found something we can both enjoy playing in the dirt!

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Michael Carr
Michael Carr

Very Nice to see you and your wife out doing something new and hopefully profitable ?
Amazing finds


Great fun, lots of elbow room, deep inhale, fresh air.
Best of all you got GOLD! Priceless.
Thanks for sharing.


Family fun is priceless!