Thank you Doc and the Gold Hog Crew!

I just received my Stream Sluice Bundle (that I won on 04-03-2017).  This is a prelim review of it:

It was shipped better than any prospecting equipment I’ve ever gotten.  A whole bundle of brown paper protected a sturdy box that was not just taped shut, but STAPLED.

On first opening the box and removing the paper, I noticed that all of the pieces were taped together in such a way that not one piece could even wiggle.

After getting all the wrapping and tape off, I realized that:
1.  It is made out of heavier guage aluminum than ANY sluice I’ve ever used (so its sturdier than any other sluice I’ve used)
2. That every screw hole was test fit, and lined up PERFECTLY, so there was no modification needed by me.

Assembly couldn’t be easier as everything was perfectly fit.  It is a big and beautiful piece of equipment, and I cannot wait to get it into the field!

Thank you Doc and the Gold Hog crew, for this AWESOME sluice!

More to come!!!



IMG_20170410_121257 IMG_20170410_122238 IMG_20170410_121122

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Gold belt Dan
Gold belt Dan

Awesome pictures and hope you find a ton of gold with it


Looks awesome,, great pics,, I hope you have lots of fun with it.

Michael Carr
Michael Carr


Michael Carr
Michael Carr

Congrats Centex