Sharing Your Pics From the Field

Thanks to a customer for sharing and taking the time to document findings.  It’s always fun to see them. While the test runs were good, several mods still need to be done.  Very few losses found, but some smoothing of the slurry needs to be done. Trommel on end checks for losses. Mats and sluice should be divided in half for easier cleanups as well.

Like many ops outside the US… slurry viscosity is always an issue. Thick, gold robbing, orange muck that grabs the gold right out of the sluice.  Using SMOOTH mats really helps.

From him….

Hey Doc, I purchased your Gold Hog Mats for my commercial operation after a couple of months testing I am completely confidant in your mats that I have now removed miners moss from circuit and added a drum Trommel to catch and check losses and after a 4 hour Run at 30+ tons per hour, screened to -7mm and Sluice Width 32″ to 2.4mt with 3000lt per minute and a 9 deg pitch recovery in top Soil ground I did not expect much but recovered 6.7 grams of fine spec gold to 0.4gram nuggets, very happy only had 5kg Concentrates in stead of the usual 100+ kg to check. The drum Trommel  had unrecorded-able spec gold of about 10 or so pieces, recovery estimate 95-98% AWESOME is the only Word thanks for your videos they definitely helped me understand them, anyone who does not use this method is losing tons of Gold 🙂 Hoped to Visit USA soon and meet Cheers


Mat #1 Config – Dampener needed here.

Mat #2 config

All tailings go through check trommel.

Of of 30+ pans of fines.

Some of the nugs.


  1. what/why are some the heavy nugets so dark? also on the drum tromel was wonderingif in that kind of machinery would the gold be ground finer the longer it stays in drum tromel? thankyou

  2. No gold found in nature is pure, meaning 24k (100 percent). 18k means the gold is 75 percent gold and 25 percent “other”, 12K would be 50 percent gold and so on down the line. Different amounts of “impurity” and what that impurity is will result in gold that is different colors. It takes mother nature ions to “grind” gold down. I doubt a few hours in a drum will have any affect it other than maybe smoothing it somewhat.

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