New Gold and Gem Prospecting Maps

gold maps

A new feature we are looking at adding here is a dynamic map similar to what you find on ZILLOW or other real estate websites.  However our
map would show ICONS   for prospecting locations.  Pay to mine, clubs, and open to the public properties.  Obviously it would take a LARGE amount of work, but over time… a great resource.



We think it would VERY useful for many but great when going on vacation.

Again… patience is a virtue.  We hope to have this feature up soon but not fully functional for several months.



  1. This is nice! A section for historical maps would be nice too. I’d really be interested in some older maps of Northern Idaho.

  2. Looking forward to this, so far the first website to have such a feature on a global scale. I am interested in helping manage the COLORADO page but I don’t think I could manage it on my own.

  3. sterling57
    ther is a great place to go prospecting for panning only in WI.
    Nugget Lake park in Pierce county in 1887 they found 10 diamonds there between 1/2 ct and 2ct. and they are finding Gold and garnetts.

  4. Great idea, some great places in North and South Carolina, Georgia. I would like to see areas along Eastern seaboard as well as Canada. There are some places in Quebec Can as well

  5. That would be awesome. There isn’t much gold here in Texas, but I’ve been doing my best to find every little grain of it! It would be great to see some of the places elsewhere, so I can plan family vacations accordingly.

  6. If anyone ends up in the Klondike area of Yukon Canada, get in touch. We can help you out with locations to both mine as well as to use metal detectors on dredge tailings.

  7. I just might take you up on that when I retire GS.
    Retirement is down to 32 months!
    …and it cannot come soon enough!!

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