Incremental Processing in Mining

incremental processing

Understanding Incremental Processing / Exchange is a VITAL part of becoming a good gold miner and gold prospector.  It’s a bit more “advanced”, but an easy concept to understand once your MIND… understands what your EYES… are seeing.

The BASIC concept…
It takes “X” time for a bucket of material “slurry” to run down your sluice. It also takes “Y” time for your “riffles” to process and exchange that material and be ready for MORE.  If “Y” exceeds “X” then you have unprocessed slurry running out of your sluice.  (Losses)

incremental processing

Matching the two is very important.  So matching up FEED RATE to your sluice is critical, or matching the amount / length / area of sluice can also be changed.

AGAIN:  Keep this in mind. 
– If you have a 36″ long sluice it will take roughly 2-3 seconds for your SLURRY to run down your sluice.
– It takes roughly 3-5 seconds for a “riffle” or exchange area to process material it is holding.
– The average prospector doesn’t feed a highbanker at 100% steady feed rates like a conveyor system.
There usually is a DUMP / shovel full which creates heavy over load times.
-If a capture area (riffle) is full… the material and gold will move down to the next open space.
-If all the spaces get full, the material and gold exit the end of your sluice without being captured.

The video below should help.


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