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March 7, 2017,  GA– Gold miners around the world have had to deal with gold recovery and loss issues for hundreds of years. Unfortunately technology has not kept up with the times for gold miners. It’s a small industry with little room for technology development and research.   This ‘gold loss issue’ often leads to thousands of dollars of placer gold being lost in the waste (tailings) of the miners, especially when it comes to ultra-fine gold. One Company GoldHog® says they have finally developed a cure for many of these losses.

For over six years the team at GoldHog® have been developing and selling new innovative gold recovery mattings for both gold prospectors and miners alike. They now sell in 25 countries and along with their mattings, have also developed high efficiency gold recovery equipment.  Now they have introduced a new patent pending gold sluice matting for 2017, which they believe will save commercial gold operations from many of these losses.

‘Doc’, the founder and CEO addressed the issues. “The biggest gold loss factor we see in commercial gold mining ops is from slurry viscosity issues. Once a plant is running their slurry becomes quiet thick.  A thick slurry has a great deal of energy. If you have ANY turbulence, whatsoever, in a sluice, that creates a strong scrubbing action which will scour out the fine gold. Our new Motherlode Mat™ offers aggressive capture and exchange, but with very little turbulence. Hence it helps to eliminate this common loss issue.”

GoldHog® says that by reducing the turbulence in the sluice most ops can increase their capture rates greatly, especially on fine gold.  They work with commercial gold miners around the world and this issue is present everywhere, but is extensive in places like Africa and South America where silts and clays create a heavy mud. In these areas traditional sluices can lose up to 70% of the fine gold, which they have measured.  “We have seen massive losses of fine gold in commercial ops running thick slurries and they usually don’t have a choice. Either it’s the material or limited water supplies that have to be recirculated. Either way this new mat is a dream come true for them. Smooth running, little turbulence, and great capture rates.”  

According to the company, they didn’t design the mat to replace the entire existing sluice configuration. Instead miners can replace the last 4-8 feet of their current miner’s moss and expanded metal. This gives them a different style / alternative end capture zone, giving the fine gold one more chance of being caught before being dumped into the waste. GoldHog® believes that most commercial operations can pay for the matting change within 1-2 runs. It will also be sold to prospectors and small scale miners for use in prospecting equipment.

The new MotherLode Mat™ will be available to commercial ops in a 36” x 48” pre-made size or to smaller operations / individuals in their usual individual strips. These “strips” are then cut and glued to form a proper width and length sluice mat. The mats are heat, cold, and UV resistant offering years and years of life, unlike traditional mattings that may only last one season.

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