1. Hi I welcome a new site for lovers of the great outdoors. If Gold Hog has any input in this project, it will be a Great Site. I’ve used their product line from the beginning of my retirement years, and knowing how much time, effort, and improvement Gold Hog has made in mining, this magazine will be outstanding. Thanks 5ana3

  2. Hi. goldhog eguipment has made a big difference at my claim. Thanks to Doc and the crew for all that thy do. I can’t get enough of those video’s, they are very good to watch if I have a question about somthing. Am very glad that Doc has started the gold and gem gazette. Also Idaho is a great place to enjoy the great outdoors.

  3. Hey guys, I’m from N.D. and hopefully planning a dredging trip out there in your beautiful state. I was hoping you could help me with places to go and dig and camp grounds . Any other useful tips would be well appreciated.

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