How to Dredge for Gold with a Highbanker

how to dredge for gold

This is PART ONE of our gold dredging series showing how to setup a highbanker for gold dredging. In this video Doc goes over a LOT of information on the equipment he uses and recommends.  We’ll put some Amazon links at the bottom to help you find things.  On this trip Doc really just wanted to test the limits of the hose running close to 30 feet total of hose. (From tip of nozzle to end in header box.)  On the next trip we’ll be extending it even longer. Over 50 feet.

Really cool pic of the mats at shutdown. Lots of gem sand.

gems in goldhog mats

This is a pic of the little nugget found in the header box mat.

gold nugget from dredging


  1. Hello all. I am new to the group In reference to dredging with a highbanker or highbanker versus dredges… Why not just use a floating dredge. I am not understanding why there is so much information about highbankers and not floating dredges when it seems to me that dredges would be able to process so more more material per hour with a lot less labor involved. I’m not knocking highbankers by any means just trying to understand it better. I’m sure there is a reason I’m just not seeing or understanding.

  2. Just saw this. For me, the one word that sums it up is versatility. With a dredge, you are restricted to only a dredge, with a combo unit you can run it either way or even as both at the same time.

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