House Votes to Reject EPA Stream Protection Rules

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As some would report it….
“The House passed a resolution, 228-194, that would repeal the “Stream Protection Rule,” a measure issued recently that barred mining companies from putting any of their waste in local waterways. The Senate is expected to approve the resolution as early as Thursday and send it to the President’s desk.”  
However, the initial rule goes FAR beyond that ‘stated purpose’.
“The Stream Protection Rule is not about protecting streams,” Rep. Bill Johnson (R-Ohio) said. “It was designed for one purpose: to regulate the coal industry out of business. It was the centerpiece of the Obama administration’s war on coal.”
Basically… it gave regularity control to the government agencies over almost ALL lands with even intermittent streams. If your property had a “depression” in it, that filled with water during rain storms… they would regulate it as a “stream”. Drainage ditch… nope… it’s a stream.
This would give the EPA governing authority to ANY part of your land that fell under their new “classification”.
 Actually Rule below
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  1. I think Cali is done, to many tree huggers in that state. Federal regs are one thing, but the state shut down dredging.

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