Great day for NH miners

Just to let everyone know that mines in NH. today hb591 ban on motorized mining was defeated with overwhelming testimony  in the public hearing today. we had a very good turn out of miners from all over New England we sure did give the committee an education today! A big thanks to all for their support. after the hearing I got to talk to one of the senators and she thanked us for the education. they had no idea of the good we do.


  1. Now is the time to start preparing for the battle next year. You won this one but the war is on going. If you don’t start preparing for next session you’ll lose. Politics is a game to those in office. Don’t be fooled into complacency just because you won this one little battle.

  2. Great to hear there is some understanding about prospecting , to much assumption floats around along with miss information . Way to go New Hampshire.

  3. Great to see there is some positive understanding of prospecting, to much misleading info wandering around , and a whole lot of assumption , way to go New Hampshire.

  4. I was glad to get this defeated yesterday it was a collaborative effort and I want to thank everybody that came to the hearing in concord nh. I do know that there is still a lot of work to do. Now there is a target on us. we accually have a state senator that wants to join us dredgers. We need to get some legislation started to protect our interests. We had a lenthy discussion with the commitee and proof of what we were talking about with these enviro groups and their tactics they seemed like they wanted nothing to do with them. I guess we’ll find out what the future holds but for now we’ll enjoy the victory.

  5. We had a fantastic Turn out, but This fight is not finished yet, the bill goes back to the senate floor for a vote on March 30,2017. I urge all NH Residents to get in contact with there district Senators ,and Tell them that you oppose HB591, and ask them to Vote with recommendations of the committee. It is time to keep the pressure on and put this to rest for good.

  6. I’m on it. already sent letters to a couple of senators expressing my concerns and urge them to vote with the committees recommendations.

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