GoldHog Video Contest 2017

Shoot a Gold Hog related prospecting / mining video this year and win.

First place – One Ounce of Gold
Second place – Half Ounce of Gold
Third Place – One Quarter Ounce of Gold


The idea is simple.  There are 1000s and 1000s miners and prospectors all over the world using GoldHog products and they are used in some REALLY cool places.  We want YOU to tell YOUR story, show YOUR cool places, and share YOUR adventures.

Videos will be featured on our new video channel, coming soon, as well as the Gold & Gem Gazette. Come this fall / winter we’ll hold a “GoldHog Awards” night and announce the winners.  General public will be voting as well as Doc and the gang at GoldHog.

WANT TO WIN?   Read the tips below on how to make a GOOD video. 

The Rules
Our rules have not yet been totally firmed up, but here are a few.

  • The video must feature some kind of GoldHog product. Whether it’s a HogPan, Multi Sluice, highbanker, or even a homemade unit with our mats in it. Remember it’s a GoldHog contest.
  • You can submit as many videos as you want.
  • Please keep the videos “family friendly”. Kids do watch them too.
  • All prospecting and mining actively must be legal.
  • The voting will not start until the contest closes. We’ll announce the procedure for voting later.
  • Videos must be shot this season / year. (2017)
  • Do NOT use music that is copyright protected if you use music. You can go here or other places on the web to find free music.
  • When you submit a video for the contest, you are thereby granting GoldHog® copyright usage / dual / shared  ownership of the copyright without restrcition.  Videos may still be used by the original owner, however they can not restrict the usage by GoldHog®.

How to make a good video

Remember it’s not about the AMOUNT of gold you find, it’s about a good video and here are some tips.

  1. It really helps to have a tripod with you; you’ll be amazed at how it helps when it’s only you or 2-3 people. You can work and record at the same time. Even if you are shooting with your phone they make cheap ones.
  2. Try and keep the video to roughly 5 – 15 minutes long.
  3. MOVE THE CAMERA… Shooting from different angles, different distances, and different perspectives (such as down low or from above) makes it interesting. Shoot wide, medium, and close up.  (Check you lens for water spots)
  4. Every time you DO SOMETHING… shoot it. Setting up, shoot it. Shutting down, shoot it. Cleaning mats, shoot it. Panning cons, shoot it. Testing dirt, shoot it. There’s a reason why GoldRush and other shows have large crews constantly running around shooting stupid stuff like trucks moving dirt, the wash plant running, etc, etc.  You’ll need lots of CLIPS of things YOU are seeing that the viewer also needs to see.
  5. Shoot LOTS of 15 – 30 second clips. A big mistake people make is to not pull out the camera until they’re set up and running. Then set up the camera and let the video run for 20 minutes. BORING… Nothing is more boring than watching someone shovel for 20 minutes and see nothing else.   Shooting a LOT of short clips makes video EDITING…so… much…easier.  If you constantly shoot short clips all day, you simply compile them in the video, edit, and you’re done.
  6. The “money shots”… people love to see GOLD in the mats. Gold being washed out of the mats. Gold in the cons. Cons being cleaned. Etc… etc… etc… you get the point. SHOW THE GOLD.  When shooting gold remember that cameras don’t like to focus on water so put a finger in the frame if needed.  Also, try shooting GOLD… in the shade. Bright sunlight kind of kills it.
  7. Shoot the area and landscape. Grab some short clips of the area and landscape. It might seem BORING to you… but there are people in Florida that LOVE to see the Mountains of Montana.  People just like to see different areas.
  8. When you’re shooting, pretend you’re talking to friends. (Which you are) Your buddy is home sick and so you figured you’d document your trip so he could enjoy it as well. That’s a great mindset to have. (You’re not in Hollywood… mistakes happen)

Uploading and usage

Once you have edited your video, upload it to Youtube.
Then send us a link using the contact page on our website or post the link the forum thread labeled Gold Hog Video Contest.  Once we review the video we will download the video to our server, and republish it to our channel.  We might even do a little “clean up” editing if needed.  Please note…IMPORTANT…   If you submit a video for the contest, we must download it, and republish it.  Therefore the video at that point will become the shared copyright material of GoldHog and you.  It’s the only way we can republish it.


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Michael Judd

Here is the link to the forum to submit videos:


Looking forward to putting a video together for the contest, hoping to put some gold in those mats so the film is worth it.

The first Bag of paydirt I ever ordered was Doc’s Raw Bag..It was a learning experience and honestly Thought me how to pan very well..It took me a Month But I loved it .Lots of awesome Gems and I got a Very good amount of Gold..I did watch allot of… Read more »

First video I can post this season:


I can not enter these in the contest. Which is to bad. But here is a slide show of a few years back….


WOW I cant believe today is the last day of 2017 Thanks all you Hogsters out there it has been a really fun year