Gold Rush White Water – Dakota Fred

gold rush whitewater

It appears that the Dakota Boys are back on the air with Discovery Channel starting with a premier  on January 19th at 10pm.  However there appears to be a promo tonight at 10pm after GoldRush.  It’s really kind of UNCLEAR when the show actually starts or if it’s even a “real show” or just old footage from a few years ago.

The new “series” or spin off is about them dredging Porcupine Creek in  a fast moving water area (whitewater) in search for riches of gold.  Whatever it is… it will be a nice change from watching nothing but ROCK TRUCKS and heavy equipment breakdowns that GoldRush has become. (YAWN)


  1. Before Devils Canyon, I was in the running to be on this show. Even made it down to the final cut. It was a heart breaker when I wasnt picked because I really wanted to work with Fred and Dustin.

  2. Goose,

    I could have ‘seen’ you in either series – although the Fred and Dustin shows don’t seem to have the heavy “drama” that a lot of the others do. Maybe you and Rayzer could “save the industry”!

  3. One thing I really like about Gold Rush White Water and Devils Canyon is its real gold prospecting. Most people do small scale prospecting so we can relate to what is going on. Not a bunch of guys driving rock trucks and bulldozers. Need more gold shows like these. So SluiceGoose get back out there and find that gold buddy.

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