We do NOT sell pumps and hoses, they are available through SO MANY outlets it simply does not make sense. Below you’ll find our recommendations.  We like to order via Amazon due to tracking and guarantees of delivery / damage issues.

Note: See reducing a water pump info here:

1.5″ Pumps we recommend ————-

After FIVE years of searching……..
It’s HARD (impossible)  to find a DECENT 1.5″ cheap pump that puts off a decent GPH, so we’re really excited about it.  This pump is rated at 4800 GPH and  the PSI around 35.  This pump WILL run the Raptor Flare and can be used on the mini with a ball valve installed on the OUTFLOW.  While the pump says “CLEAR WATER” it should be fine with creek fed water as long as you put a FINE (1/16″) screen around the intake.  (see pic) UPDATE… we ran this pump for about 3 hours with the screened intake sitting in a muddy creek. We were running the Raptor Flare. It worked VERY well. Just wish the fuel tank was larger.

It DOES NOT have a throttle control (stupid) so a ball valve is need.  Hose kit includes 25ft. discharge hose, 10ft. reinforced suction hose, strainer, connections and engine oil. Note… it comes with more oil than needed, so pour slowly. (My bad… my mess to clean).  I STRONGLY suggest ordering water pumps from Amazon due to their demands placed on retailers to cover damage and returns.

Click here>>Generac 6821, Clean Water Pump, 1.5-inch, with Accessory Kit

Click the picture below for ordering info. 

Fine Screen mesh bag we made.
mesh intake cover water pump

Shown here with the Mini Piglet.

Honda 1.5″ Lightweight general purpose 1.5″ pump, Easy starting Honda mini 4-stroke engine, Weighs only 20 lbs., 72 gal./min capacity, Hose clamps and strainer included

2″ PUMPS ————————

2″ Semi Trash
Champion 2″ Semi Trash –  For the MONEY… it’s a great pump. Will run any unit we have and comes with all basic hoses and attachments. NOTE… We own FOUR of these pumps and we like the PRICE. It allows us to buy TWO pumps and always have a backup around.

2″ High Pressure
NorthStar 2″ High Pressure – Will run any unit we sell and will run any dredge up to 4″.  If you plan to convert your highbanker into a dredge one day, then this is the pump to buy. NOTE… ALWAYS put a fine screen over the intake. DO NOT even pull the handle without a 1/8″ or smaller wire mesh screen over it. See the forum for examples.