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goldhog stream sluice

Rather than create “another stream sluice” we decided to create a TOTAL SOLUTION.
The Gold Hog stream sluice is a COMPLETE package with everything you’ll need.
It’s a great VALUE…. when you do the math. See below.


The Math…..
Regular stream sluice = $140
Set of legs and brackets = $70
Replace matting = $80 Total =  $290

The Gold Hog Full System…
Higher quality sluice, Leg System, and TWO sets of matting….

Can be ordered at

The new design with a DROP ZONE area allows for the matting to easily slide under the flare and be secured. Removing the matting for cleanups takes about 10 seconds.

Sluice length approx 36″ plus Flare.
Total weight including sluice, legs, brackets, and two mats – 20 pounds
With one mat –  16 pounds
No mats – 10 pounds

GoldHog® Stream Sluice