The SuperHog™ 
The world’s largest scale-able highbanker.

The WONDERFUL thing about the SuperHog is that some THOUGHT was put into it. Over six months worth of designs, testing, changes, and superhog large highbankermodifications before the product was ready to go into production.  Some KEY points. + It’s very portable and ship-able. + Can ship anywhere in the world via USPS. + Runs on a cheap 2″ semi trash pump. + Scale-able, make it the size you need for THAT day. + Great on fine gold and thick slurries.

Because it’s SCALE-ABLE… one person can use it in the short mode, or a whole crew can run it in the long / full mode.  It’s the ONLY highbanker you’ll never outgrow.

SuperHogs are now being used all around the world and running massive amounts of pay. The unit can handle a five gallon bucket of RAW pay about every 20 seconds, making this unit a dirt eating MACHINE.


Can be ordered from the website: GOLDHOG


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super hog large highbanker