The All New Raptor Flare 2.0
Comes with all matting pre-made and installed.

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Capable of running 100% unclassified material, yes big rocks too, this unit will EAT buckets of pay one right after the other.  One of our TOP SELLING units n our line, the Raptor Flare Highbanker is being used all around the world by both miners and prospectors.  Owners can pour a 5 gallon bucket in the hopper roughly every 20 – 30 seconds meaning this unit is rated at 60 – 100 buckets of pay per hour.  It’s one of the ONLY units on the market with MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on its performance.

raptor flare highbanker

Weighing in at only 50 pounds the unit is small enough for 1-2 people to haul, but it can handle a crew of diggers up to 5 people no problem. The unit comes with everything you need except pump and hoses.  Any cheap 2″ semi-trash pump will work to power the unit.

raptor flare highbanker

Shown below is the powerful destruction chamber in the header box. Unlike spray bars that get you soaking wet, this chambers DESTROYS dirt and washes rocks aggressively.  Shown with the optional clay claw that holds rocks in place until YOU let them go.

Great on all sizes of gold and LOVES fine gold.

Seems crazy I know, but the entire unit ships in ONE BOX and can be shipped worldwide.