Placer Gold Super Concentrator / Con Cleaner 

The Multi Sluice ™ is a 3-in-1 system that converts to your needs, and unlike other equipment, won’t end up on the “shelf” as you goldhog multi sluice grow.  Originally designed as just a “stripping” unit for final cleaning, Doc decided to make a MULTI purpose unit.  Guaranteed to run at a 99%  capture rate on the first run down to 100 mesh gold.  It’s FAST… EFFICIENT…. and takes a process that used to be hours and hours down to minutes.

We STRONGLY suggest you read this article HERE

That article not only goes over the Multi Sluice but the whole development behind it.

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Optional Pump Kit

Since many prospectors already have pumps and hoses we made the pump kit optional.


The pump kit comes with an 1100 gph bilge pump, 5 feet of hose, clamps, and extra wire.  (All those things you normally have to chase down.)  The pumps are fairly decent quality, but keep in mind just about the WHOLE pump industry has moved to China.  There are VERY FEW good quality bilge pumps out there.