Gold in Smuggler’s Butt

gold in butt


Great story to start the day I know… BUTT… strange things happen.

It seems Indian gold smugglers have borrowed from the golden goose’s playbook.

A 36-year-old man was caught trying to smuggle 1.2 kilograms (about 2.6 pounds) of gold from Singapore to Hyderabad, India in his rectum. What led to his arrest? Authorities at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport were suspicious of eight LED lamps inside his luggage, reports the Times of India.

Custom officials found 800 grams (1.7 pounds) of gold in these lamps. When questioned, the smuggler denied having any more gold. This led to a metal detection test, which he failed.

After probing him, custom officials found the additional 1.2 kilograms of the precious metal. In total, he was carrying about $80,000 in gold.

Gold smuggling is a common issue in India due to the country being the world’s largest gold consumer. Usually more traditional methods are used, such as reshaping the smuggled gold into belt buckles or mixing it with other metals.

This form of smuggling is called body packing. Body packing or body stuffing is a way to deliver contraband across international borders in the form of packages hidden in anatomical cavities such as the mouth, rectum, intestine, ear and vagina. As much as one kg of drugs or gold bars divided into several packs can be concealed in body cavities.

The passenger landed at the Shamshabad airport at around 1 am Sunday from Singapore by a Tiger Airways flight (TR 2624). Officers of the Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) had prior information about this passenger and intercepted him as soon as he landed.

“The 20 gold bars he was trying to smuggle are worth about Rs 59.1 lakh,” an AIU official said.

The passenger has been detained by the officials at the airport for questioning.


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