Gold Hog Highbanking In Northern Wisconsin

Northern Wisconsin is covered in glacial gold and we decided to get an early start this year. We went out highbanking on March 3rd and ran into a bunch of sub 100s. The mini did a great job recovering and we had an awesome time. There is some small lode mines areound and we do get lucky getting some nice flakes. Thanks Doc for a great product.


  1. there was ice build up on the top of the highbanker, it was not that bad i had insullated weighters on. Still was nice to get out

  2. Well, if you read a little into it, you can. 1. It is on private land, 2. it is a non traversable waterway (non traversable-meaning in this case”it can not be traveresed by boats or other means”) and by Newbie you mean 5 years then I guess so.

  3. private land and non traversable waters, if you read you can find all kinds of rules and regulations. I just called the DNR. So yes you can

  4. How far north are you? I’m around the barron area and I wanna get out and do some prospecting. I’ve heard about a few places but it’s mostly south and east of me. I’m a newbie too. I’ve been doing a lot of research but not much experience yet.

  5. carlanderson242 , Can I ask where you take your gold to cash in?…Another newbie here. Also from WI

  6. Gotta love highbanking those cold rivers!!! Don’t always get the most but up north we do have some of the best scenery! ?

  7. Howdy Carl, Yeah there is gold in northern wisconsin. I’m in the milwaukee area but get around the state a bit. Wisconsin has a wider range of gold bearing ground than most people are aware of. Are you in any of the local prospecting or rock hounding clubs?? I would love to chat with you more .

  8. Hey all I live in WI also and have been prospecting here for about 7 years. It all started when I decided that the runoff creeks on our hunting camp were full of river rock and I had always wanted to look for gold so I ordered some gold pans off Ebay and the rest is history! I got the fever bad and have built my own sluices and a highbanker along with many classifiers and other prospecting stuff. I went out yesterday up near Birchwood WI and found about 40 colors after about 3 hours of running, not my best but still fun! I have found my best color near Knapp WI which is very hilly and formed from glacial till and moraines. Plenty of it out there and we just have to move the dirt to get it!

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