Gem Hunting News

gem hunting news

This category will be for gem hunting reports, articles, and news. Updates and news from the US and around the world. Also see state by state pages.


  1. As soon as NY thaws I will again be on the hunt for that Garnet strike..Fingers crossed..Anyone with any hints that do not include Herkimers would be welcome!!!Rob.Oh and love the Gem section!!!!Fascinate me as well..

  2. I’m not sure if theirs any gems here in the high desert of California but i still look when im out prospecting , i know we have some inactive volcano’s here hoping to find a geode someday but gold would be better lol

  3. hi everyone, i live in herkimer county new york state and have good areas for digging for quarts. we have good camping areas across the diamond mines and some of the best trout fishing right here!!!! im just a local but could atest to the best all around weekend to all what you may have want to compress into a successful weekend!!the spring trout are big and hungry.and the best chance to dig quarts. the museum is the best around and the prices are cheaper. if you need too , contact herkimer diamond minds, middleville ny. you will always come bck its the best of all worlds. you,see!!! for your enjoyment.. toolchicken

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