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23/11/2019 4:50 am  

Hello all what I would like to know if I want to put a small team together say 3 people all to be gemologist an 1to be an expert in gems an maybe in cutting an dressing gems, or if anyone has info on any contacts plz message me with there contact details.

Thank you very much, I will have more questions on gems an gold in the near future.


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26/11/2019 6:48 am  

Hi Glenn,  I am no expert, but I have cut stones in the past.  But that is able all I can say.


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10/02/2020 8:28 pm  

Well Glen,


After 3 months I suspect that the chance for you to quickly put together a crack (OMG! Mineral and Gem Pun!) mineral team is getting a little "challenged" --- however a couple of thoughts did come to mind that you might consider:

Wherever you live there might well be a mineral club of some sort.  Those clubs are a pretty focused group on gems and minerals and if not a direct source for your search then some good references for knowledgeable, available and interested folks to further contact could easily arise.

 Next - nearby (or even distant) Colleges or Universities might also be a source for folks who could well be interested in your idea.  Professors in Geology Departments always have their ear to the ground within their specialty areas and sometimes it's sources like that which lead to sources that lead to "The Bingo Person" that gets the deed done.  That Professor might even have current or former Star 🤩 Students that could be interested, too.

Also - does your state have a Government Geologist who might be interested?  If not the State Geologist how about a reference?  The DNR folks might have some ideas too.

And a last thought - does your state have some sort of local attraction for minerals?  For example, if you were in Arkansas there might be a knowledgeable gemologist (professional or non-professional) who might fit right into your hopes and plans, as well.

If there are Lapidary Supply Stores, wherever you live, then a quick visit could turn up some contacts - or maybe even "Bingo, You're the One!"


Now, what about this "Gold Stuff"?  Developed any questions yet? How about gem questions - ANYTHING to fire up more interest , eh! 

Spring is approaching - so ask away and see what it turns into before the heat of summer arrives!




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