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31/12/2018 8:01 pm  

building a 48” stream sluice and converting a 4” drege to hog mats.

#1)  The stream sluice i was tryin to figure out if i should use cut river hog  or a scrubber as the first mat, the rest will be (in order) talon, razor, talon, razor, motherload, bed rock,, and ur.  Any opinions

#2) 4” dredge with crashbox and 60” sluice box. What i should use undr the crash box and woven wire, ie; ur, motherload, or razor back? The rest will be river hog, talon, river hog, talon, razor, scruber, motherload, and motherload. Should i use something different  in place of the scrubber?  

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03/01/2019 2:02 pm  

Hello River Dog check out Doc's video's on the stream sluice may give you a better idea what to use. A lot is going to depend on your water flow and depth. If it was me I think I would go with the scrubber and maybe even cut it back a little. I like starting mine with ur then talon or scrubber or even cut riverhog low.    Ok as far as your dredge you might want to try ur or a another  suggestion is the Yukon mat just my opinion, hope this helps.                                                                                   

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