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11/03/2018 1:46 am  

I have the raptor and am deciding on the pump now.. short term will be using it as a hibanker but in the next year or so I want to turn it into a 2” or 2.5” suction dredge I will be pulling my water from some clear streams out here in Idaho. The question is I really don’t want to purchase 2 pumps thinking the Champion 2” semi trash can this effectively run as a dredge and a hibanker or do I really need to run a 1.5” clear water for dredging and deal with the lower flow while using it as a hibanker?

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11/03/2018 6:13 am  

Highbankers just use water with moderate pressure.  The pump you describe (a semi-trash one) has internal tolerances which allow a little "trash" to be pumped with the water.  Small bits of "stuff" can be tolerated in the relaxed tolerances there. 

A "clear water pump" (properly called a "High Pressure Pump") has tighter internal  tolerances which create a higher water pressure, required for a dredge system, but, at the 'expense' of not being able to pump sand, grit or small gravel bits along with the water through the pump.  

A high pressure pump can be used on either a dredge or a highbanker, but a trash, or a semi-trash pump, can't be used, successfully, on a dredge under most circumstances. 

Trash, or semi-trash pumps are less expensive. 



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11/03/2018 12:58 pm  

Correct from Joe...... the Northstar HP pump can be used for both highbanking and dredging. Just make sure you use a fine screen. No sand or small gravel in it.