Fear is Gold’s Best Friend

We’ve said it over and over and over…  fear and uncertainty are gold’s best friend.  Regardless of what the stock market does, regardless of the good news that hits, there will be an underlying FEAR in the investment world.  They need an INSURANCE policy “just in case” and gold is going to be it.  Gold OPTIONS are streaking up high. READ —- Investors are pouring into gold    and the general nervousness is all around the investing world.

From Bloomberg…

Gold will climb about 6 percent through the end of the year as investors seek a shelter from the rising political risk surrounding President Donald Trump, according to Independent Strategy Ltd.’s David Roche, who has about 45 years of experience covering markets.

Bullion is set to rise to $1,300 an ounce, while most assets, such as bonds, will post negative returns, the president and global strategist at the London-based economic and financial consulting firm, said in an interview on Feb. 3.

“The amount of political risk being created by this new U.S. president and administration is going to create an enormous amount of international tension and uncertainty, and will probably result in a trade war at least with China and possibly other areas,” Roche said by phone from Hong Kong. “I want to see what this administration, what sort of mistakes they’re going to make.”

gold chart

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This should be a fun year to watch and you must understand one critical factor.
GOLD… is insurance in the financial world.


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