See pics below too.

Here’s how it works.

We will go in and make you a temp author.

You will be able to edit the state page with your name on it. (make sure you are logged in)

When you go to YOUR state page you’ll see an EDIT link near the top of your user bar.

Click it to edit your page.

Basically… try and “mirror” / copy the format on the Georgia page.

We can always fix any issue on our end so don’t worry about any little details.

If you have pics and know how to use them here, try and resize them to 600 pixels wide
BEFORE adding them.

To add pics in the page click the ADD MEDIA icon.

If not, you can email them to us and we can put them in.

When your done, let us know.

If you have problems, let us know. We can log in and work on that page as well.

NOTE… If you need any pictures go to SHUTTERSTOCK.COM  we have a commercial account and can get any images if you send us a link. 

NOTE.. the EDIT PAGE link becomes VIEW PAGE link while editing. You can click it to view.