Dredge Conversion

Hey Doc just wanted to show you a short video of our dredge we purchased a couple weeks ago. Before we took it out and ran we ordered some Gold Hog matting. Finished up installing it last week and took it out to run it on Sunday. We have highbanked in this area a couple of times with our Raptor 2.0 and never really found much. But Sunday after running only a couple of hours do to some mechanical problems, which we now have solved, we found more gold than we have previously combined. I shot this video of the Talon and River Hog mats.


And here is a picture of the gold. I trimmed  the last 3 sections of River Hog down to about 3/4″. Left the first section full height. Let me know if you think this looks like a good flow. This is our first dredge.


  1. Thanks… looks pretty good. The only thing I can’t figure out, and keep going back to, why are large rocks rolling over the dampener mat? I’m guessing there are two mats up there?

  2. There actually rolling under the dampener mat. The dampener mat is clear. And yes we started with Talon and alternated Talon and river hog.

  3. No just a single mat I think it’s an optical illusion. The mat is clear and what you see is under the mat. It’s amazing how they just roll and then you can see the larger ones kind of jump when they hit the River hog!

  4. Very cool. Good idea. Send me that video if you can. Use dropbox or something. I like the clear mat.

  5. Really cool. My question is why does the box sit so far back on the pontoons? It seems that the bottom end of the box is submerged in the stream. We use TALON AND River Hog also. Gold Hog products ROCK!!!

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