Converting a Gold Dredge to Gold Hog Mats

Funny story… I pulled up to gold n gems one day and saw a trailer parked in front of me. Walked up to say “hey” while we waited for someone to open the gates and it was Dean.  He just happen to have his matting conversion with him so I asked to film it.  Put him on a spot I thought would be good and sure enough, it paid off. The gold in the video is from about 20 – 30 minutes on bedrock.

Converting a gold dredge to bare GoldHog Mats. In this video we convert a 3 stage into a single.


  1. Yep… one of my favs from last year I think. Not often just two people show up there and it happened to be us two idiots.

  2. Great video!! I just converted my backpack dredge over to Talon and scrubber matts. Also loved your how to video, the one plus hour one on installing matts. Also I follow Rays videos as well. Get job to the both of you guys.

  3. How about doing the same thing to a six inch dredge? What combo of mats would you suggest? I just bought a newer three stage keene six inch dredge as my first one, I’ve been helping my buddy who has a four inch older keene dredge and we end up with a lot of cons every time we clean out the box, it would be nice not having to carry out a five gallon bucket of cons at the end of the day

  4. I have done a 6″ dredge with gold hog mats.. just look at my older video on you tube to see… goldfevernz …. we are now in the middle of making a new 8″ dredge with gold hog mats…

  5. Thanks for the great video. I converted my 3″ Keene last season. I hope to see lots of gold in it this year. Nice to see an older dredger like myself for some encouragement.

  6. That was fun buddy. Living near Amarillo TX now there’s no gold near here but now own claims in Idaho and will be taking this dredge up there along with a new 6″ with GH mats in August. I’ll try to make some videos and see if I can be goofy like you Doc as that must be the only reason so many like your videos!

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