Cleaning Concentrates with the Multi Sluice

gold mining concentrates

In the video below Doc runs some commercial concentrates through the Multi-Sluice.  The points… #1 The SPEED in which this happens often amazes people. What used to take people hours and hours to do now literally takes minutes.  #2 The varying sizes of gold caught in the sluice at the same time is impressive.  #3 The stripping mode is truly amazing.  SOME… don’t understand the theory. It’s NOT about trying to catch every single grain of gold.  Since it only takes about 30 seconds to do this step, you can repeat it 2-3 times. But stripping it down to almost pure gold is amazing.


  1. I’m wondering what are the minimum volt/amp hrs need to be in order to run the multisluice in recirculating mode with the 1100 gph pump.

    I’ve used a car battery and a rechargeable car jumper box and both run very strong water gph at first but start to run slower gph within a half hour. Not feeling confident about my capture rate when gph drops.

    What are you guys using to run the multisluice? Any issues with water flow?

  2. I use a car battery, I also use a catch pan to make sure I’m not losing gold. My battery seams to stay strong for a long time. Hours.

  3. Thanks dalec03, maybe I need a new battery but I’m leaning toward just getting a small generator.
    I don’t really get the whole catch pan to check for losses, here’s why. If gold was caught that easily what would be the point of using any sluice at all?
    A bucket in is a bucket out. Happy hunting!

  4. Yes,I am new to the multi Sluice just last year,sometimes I doubt I’m catching all the gold. So to make sure I use the catch pan. I’d like to have a small generator, can’t afford it.

  5. The cons that puke out of the catch basin at the bottom of the multi sluice are those just the lights or should you re run those as well when you wanna classify and re run the next step ??? Worth the time or a waste of time

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