Central Texas Prospecting Adventure

Headed out to the Llano Slabs in Kingsland Texas for my first prospecting trip of the season on Saturday, 02-18.  I brought along my oldest daughter Johnnie (soulstealer) for a couple hours of sluice work.

We went south of the bridge, and found a promising spot, with lots of larger river gravel that had been deposited there during the recent storms.  After setting up in the river, and running for about 45 minutes, we decided to move the sluice to a small stream that emptied into the main flow just upstream.  Ran a decent amount of material (for a 13yo girl and her broken father).

When we felt like neither of us could lift our arms, we panned down our cons to a small cup worth.  We then packed up and headed back (but we did stop to skip rocks for a few which was probably a mistake as my arms were killing me this morning).  We also ended up packing out some trash that people had left on the river (we do this every time)

After returning home, we classified the little cup to +40, -40 & -60 before running it all through our little cleanup setup.  The blue bowl is great, but SLOW!!!

Here are some pics of our day.  I hope you enjoyed the little story and the photos!

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Gold prospecting in the great state of Texas. Not a lot of gold, but still fun.


  1. Nice, glad to see you got out for a while.
    Only bad thing bout the blue bowl, I get this dang song in my head
    “and the water in the bowl goes round and round, round and round, round and round lala lalalalala lalala lalala

  2. Just wondering what ur running under the blue bowl. I have a trouble browning out the bowl and have to keep going through materials over and over. Do u get any losts in the tailings

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