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GoldHog 2018 Product Line Up

February 14, 2018 GOLDHOG - Admin 0

We’ll be updating this post over the next week or so, but it’s a good way to see the full product lineup and get direct links to both the web pages and their own websites. […]

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World’s Fastest Gold Pan?

December 5, 2017 GOLDHOG - Admin 5

The World’s Fastest Gold Pan? Mike Primer For over 200 years the “gold pan” really hasn’t changed that much.  Let’s face it… you take dirt, put it in a pan, shake and wash, the process […]

Gold Prospecting

Highbanker Selection and Thoughts

November 27, 2017 GOLDHOG - Admin 8

Selecting the Right Highbanker Doc, The GOLDHOG ® This is a tough article to write being a designer, inventor, and manufacturer of highbankers, but I think having some insight into MY mind, will help you […]