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Trump and Gold Miners

January 30, 2017 GOLDHOG - Admin 2

What will the new administration do to gold mining?  How will their policies impact miners and prospectors?  What will happen to the EPA? Will new policies ease up the pressure on public lands? Lots of […]

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Gold & Gem Gazette Launching Soon

January 30, 2017 GOLDHOG - Admin 16

We hope you enjoy our new “concept” for the mining, prospecting, and treasure hunting community. This site is NOT fully live. It will be live in 4-6 weeks. It’s driven and inspired by a few […]

islamic gold law
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New Islamic Gold Market Law

January 26, 2017 GOLDHOG - Admin 0

Laws are changing… let’s see how this plays out on the gold market. Gold is acceptable for the first time as an investment in Islamic finance after the group that sets standards for the industry […]