incremental processing
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Incremental Processing in Mining

April 8, 2017 GOLDHOG - Admin 3

Understanding Incremental Processing / Exchange is a VITAL part of becoming a good gold miner and gold prospector.  It’s a bit more “advanced”, but an easy concept to understand once your MIND… understands what your […]

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New Sluice Mat Ready for Market

April 3, 2017 GOLDHOG - Admin 9

The new patent pending MotherLode Mat ™ is a unique mat that requires some understanding.  This mat was first designed for commercial ops to be installed at the end of sluice runs to help catch […]

where gold comes from
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How is Gold Formed on Earth

February 10, 2017 GOLDHOG - Admin 11

I think most prospectors can REALLY learn from the video below. It’s one of my top picks for understand formations, even though we generally hunt for PLACER gold. Don’t forget… MAKE SURE you and your friends […]