1. Chris, thank you for the chart. I will be setting up my Raptor Flare 2.0 tomorrow for a first time tryout and will use your chart to see my GPH.

  2. Thanks Chris for the chart! I personally like to calculate my GPM and GPH. The formula I use is as follows:

    (gals/secs)x 60 = GPM
    (gals/secs)x 3600 = GPH

    Happy Prospecting

  3. Thanks, Chris. A subject that has been difficult for me. I’ve tried to calculate this in my head a few different ways, but nothing seems as simple or as close as your method.

  4. Just picked up a Pacer Transfer pump that runs 9000 GPH and have had no idea exactly how much I was running, this will be helpful for my testing, thanx!

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