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I've was bitten by the gold bug a 3 years ago when I discovered the Gold Hog website and YouTube channel and now I spend my spare time when the ground isn't frozen digging in the gravels around the Kenai Peninsula and Palmer areas. I'm looking forward to the ground thawing this year I've spent all winter reading and watching pretty much any video I could find that had to do with prospecting. I've watched Gold Hogs videos so many times they are such a wealth of knowledge. I look forward to meeting as many of you as I can and sharing both success and failures as we make our Alaska page.


  1. I have done some beach mining in Nome limited gold fines, hope to try this year with the use of gold hog mats.

  2. I have did some beach mining in Nome with limited fines do to limited area, but hope to get there again and try it with the use of gold hog matting great stuff.

  3. What kind of equipment you got?? If you find a spot or if I do I’ll let you no. I have a 4″ hydro force itching to get wet

  4. I built a High Banker/Dredge similar to a Gold Hog, Have a 2″ hydro force nozzle with Honda WX15 pump. Who’s the guy getting all the gold in the GH beach mining vids? Looks like maybe Seward area?

  5. Rayzer is the guy in Juneau that sends in a lot of the videos on beach mining that are in the Gold Hog videos he is a wealth of knowledge about his area.

  6. Trying to explain the complex mining conditions, the rules, laws and regulations (for both federal and state administered areas) for the entirety of Alaska in itself is a staggering project.

    Take, for instance, just the size of the state – 1/5 of all of the rest of the other states put together. Then factor in the different climates – from the frozen deserts (deserts are identified by annual rain or snow fall and not heat)in the Arctic North, through the severe annual temperature swings of the interior to the heavy rain forests of the Panhandle – well – the range of just climates is hard to imagine.

    Then there are the two mentioned governmental caretaker groups – the federal and the state administrators. (never to be called “Owners”). Things like mining claims are required to be in conformity with either state or federal stewardship regulations and rules. At times, of course, there are actual laws which must be observed – depending upon mutually exclusive stewardships.

    Yes, even before you put your first pan in the Alaskan water there is a whole lot to learn before starting to mine (or search for a claim location) throughout Alaska.

  7. Newbie in Southcentral. Would like to connect with a prospector to learn the ropes. How do I get started with this deal?

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