Gold Rush White Water – Dakota Fred

gold rush whitewater

It appears that the Dakota Boys are back on the air with Discovery Channel starting with a premier  on January 19th at 10pm.  However there appears to be a promo tonight at 10pm after GoldRush.  It’s really kind of UNCLEAR when the show actually starts or if it’s even a “real show” or just old footage from a few years ago.

The new “series” or spin off is about them dredging Porcupine Creek in  a fast moving water area (whitewater) in search for riches of gold.  Whatever it is… it will be a nice change from watching nothing but ROCK TRUCKS and heavy equipment breakdowns that GoldRush has become. (YAWN)

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Before Devils Canyon, I was in the running to be on this show. Even made it down to the final cut. It was a heart breaker when I wasnt picked because I really wanted to work with Fred and Dustin.