Mud Flap mining  


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04/10/2017 2:12 am  

Hi all my fellow Hogsters your Old Gold Hog Buddy Rayzer here !! I got a short funny story I work for a large autobody company and we fix lots of cars from all over South East Alaska a while back this truck got totaled by the insurance company and the owner retained the salvage and contacted us to make it back street legal so I did , the wreck happened in the Canadian gold fields and all of the mud on this truck had a small amount of gold and garnets it was a blast to play with ,

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09/10/2017 10:12 pm  

Nice work, Ray! That truck seems familiar... I wonder where the owner parks her? 😉

Did you take a pic of the gold from the flaps? I hope the claim owner doesn't come for his 20% cut.