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River Dog
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15/04/2017 12:03 am  

Hey guys how's it going? New to forum, I'm from south west Idaho, been dredging and prospecting for a few years. Like my wife, it truly is one of the great loves of my life.  I'm a logger, so it goes with out saying I love the great out doors,  to explore, camp, and  travel. I love history, the old logging towns, ghost towns and mining towns, all part of logging and prospecting. 

I have twin engine/pump 5" proline, an old early 80's 4" crash box style Keene over/under dredge (modifying and bringing up to date), and I'm building a 2.5" dredge. So I will be asking opinions on how to set up both the 4" and the 2.5".

Gold belt Dan
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21/04/2017 1:48 am  

Welcome River Dog to Gold and Gem Gazette. I would like to invite you to the live chat room. There is some really smart guys over there that can help you.