4" Dredge Single Level Sluice Box  


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20/09/2017 2:08 pm  

I just bought a used 4" dredge and will upgrade to GoldHog matting.  I rebuilt an older three sluice 5" dredge to a 4" with GoldHog matting and have never looked back.  Not having to monitor the sluice boxes while operating is truly a blessing.  We have tested the tailing many times and never found any blowout color. 

Info on this dredge ...

4" system

P180 pump rated at 300 GPM

Honda 5.5 Honda engine

Sluice box is 48" X 16"

User is experienced with a group of friends, but wants to be able to go this one alone at times. 

User has always dredged (old triple sluice box rebuild) on trips to Salida, and BV Colorado. 

User intends to use this 4" dredge on creeks, streams and some rivers in Northern and Southern Virginia and some trips South of Virginia.

RH = River Hog

   RHt = Turbulent cut still tall

   RHf = Easy flow cut to medium hieght

Scrub = Scrubber

Raz = Razor


My thoughts are ...


1                        2                          3

RHt                 RHt                    RHt

Scrub               RHf                   Scrub

RHt                  Scrub                RHt

Scrub               Scrub                Scrub

Raz                   RHt                   Raz

RHf                  RHf                   Scrub

Scrub               Scrub                 Scrub

Raz                   Scrub                 Raz


What are your thoughts ...







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20/09/2017 6:50 pm  

Ok so I just saw the catalog with the thermo meter graphic to show aggressiveness of the mats.  I have Talons in my triple sluice dredge and rather than the Razor (not that aggressive for a dredge application) I can replace the Razors in my options with Talons ... that looks better ... other options and expert opinions please.

Since the Talons are so much more aggressive I might want them closer to the top too ... ?





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24/09/2017 4:40 pm  

If it's 16" wide... I would probably run Mostly Talon with a few RiverHogs thrown in at a med cut. Also, maybe end with a few (like 2) Yukon mats.  Talon works really well in dredges and you can pitch it up steep so ALL your rocks roll out easy. But you'll need to tune it. Main thing is look at the mats at shut down.