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New Sluice Mat Ready for Market

April 3, 2017 GOLDHOG - Admin 9

The new patent pending MotherLode Mat ™ is a unique mat that requires some understanding.  This mat was first designed for commercial ops to be installed at the end of sluice runs to help catch […]

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The Story Behind the Multi Sluice

March 14, 2017 GOLDHOG - Admin 11

The Story and History Behind the Multi Sluice™ Is it really the world’s best concentrate cleaner?  I 100% believe so and to stand behind that statement it’s the only product I know, of in its […]

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Calculating Sluice GPH

February 20, 2017 GOLDHOG - Admin 11

Thanks to member Chris (Centex3kgt) for this VERY helpful chart. Click to enlarge. Calculating sluice gph or gallons per minute.

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Sharing Your Pics From the Field

February 9, 2017 GOLDHOG - Admin 4

Thanks to a customer for sharing and taking the time to document findings.  It’s always fun to see them. While the test runs were good, several mods still need to be done.  Very few losses […]